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Attention followers! Review your membership status!

Posted 9 months ago

Attention Followers!

Please review your membership status. Per AACN guidelines, you must be an AACN member to be a member of the Metropolitan Orlando Chapter. If you are not a national AACN member, you will be removed as a member from the local chapter. If your national and/or local membership is expiring or expired, please renew! We would love for you to continue contributing to the chapter and reaping the benefits of membership.

Thank you!

The Board of the Metropolitan Orlando Chapter of AACN


Kara Hartage 8 months ago

Are there checks and balances in place to ensure that the right people are being removed from their MOC membership? Last month I received a warning email like this one here, but my AACN membership had been renewed for just over two months. I emailed the verification right away but am yet to receive a response.

Roberto Rivera-Olmo 8 months ago

Kara, the email was sent to everyone, not specifically to those who are not AACN members. Yes, the databases will be double-checked prior to any removal.

Kara Hartage 7 months ago

The statement “We hope that you can assist us by joining or renewing your membership with the AACN” does not seem like a generalization; but I’m glad that you all will be double checking first.

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