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MOC Wins Circle of Excellence Award

Posted about 2 months ago

MOC Wins Circle of Excellence Award for Excellence in Chapter Collaboration


Congratulations to MOC! We have yet again won an Circle of Excellence Award, this time for Excellence in Chapter Collaboration!

“Collaboration means working jointly with others (individuals, groups, organizations) to achieve a mutually beneficial goal. This award recognizes chapters that exemplify collaboration in any aspect of the chapter’s operations while actively supporting AACN’s mission, vision and values. Chapter collaboration must include at least two entities, including AACN chapters and/or outside groups (e.g., hospital, college or university, other nursing organizations, community group). Collaborators can reside within the same area, cross geographic borders or collaborate in a virtual environment. Examples of chapter collaboration include, but are not limited to these areas:

-Program Planning

-Community service events and activities

-Educational offering

-Regional meeting


-Promotion of professional certifications”

For more information about Circle of Excellence Awards:

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